Odds and Ends ... and Friends

Getting to Know Mike Elf

October 10, 2022 Classic Craig and Bitfloorsghost
Odds and Ends ... and Friends
Getting to Know Mike Elf
Show Notes

Ladies and gentlemen, The music episode! You've heard Ed ask everyone about their favorite movies and we have that here as well, but in our amazing conversation with Mike Elf (https://twitter.com/theMikeElf), we went DEEP on all things music, from albums you really should add to your playlist all the way over to epic live shows. Of course, we touched on Mike's NFT journey, his artistic origins, and the upcoming GHOULS drop in partnership with the Dead Birds Society (https://twitter.com/deadbirds_io), a sub-parliament that he co-founded with a few fantastic humans. All in all, this conversation simply rocks, so slide on your headphones, and let's do this!

Vibes! Vibes! Vibes! BIG thank you to Mike for joining us and, as always, Ed for being excellent. I'm literally hyped to listen to some more friends' playlists from my time in this space. As promised, here is Ed's Retrowave playlist. Hit up Mike in Discord or Twitter and keep him accountable for getting us a playlist! He's been to some epic shows. If you think this show is on its way to being epic, why not give us a 5-star review in your favorite podcast app? Could be fun. Thank you so much for listening, enjoy the recommendations, and have a phenomenal week.

Album Recommendations from Mike:
Shadows Collide with People by John Frusciante
Blue Jays by John Lodge and Justin Hayward
Trans by Neil Young

Ed's epic Playlist:
RetroWave -  https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3Aci7iIunGI97tsGOd1qmy?si=575f68983e4f41d1

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