Odds and Ends ... and Friends

Special Lil Nouns Episode!

November 21, 2022 Classic Craig and Bitfloorsghost
Odds and Ends ... and Friends
Special Lil Nouns Episode!
Show Notes

Welcome to the very first special episode of Odds & Ends. You know this show for casual interviews with amazing people, which we will continue doing; but we're branching out with the special episode, for a very special reason:  We were funded .5 ETH to make this specific episode!!! Woooooo! How? Lil Nouns, that's how! Through an amazing program known as Prop House, 20 ideas were funded with 0.5 Ethereum to provide more exposure to the Lil Nouns brand. Now, this is semi-mind blowing for me, but with Moonbirds DAO coming soon, we feel that exposing more of our friends to DAO life is important. There are so many ways to get ideas funded and we've got them all linked in the footer notes. So, this special episode is literally brought to you by Lil Nouns, funding big ideas throughout the entire space... and yours could be next. You don't even need to own a Lil Noun to get an idea funded, you just need to add value to expanding the brand! In the episode, we run through every on-chain proposal that has been executed by Lil Nouns, starting with the most recent (thanks, Al!). It is a fun journey through the diverse projects and ideas that received funding, from a few ETH (thousands of dollars) to large sums that spun off into their own funding opportunities.

Our panel for this special episode consists of Ed and Al.

Ed: https://twitter.com/bitfloorsghost

Al: https://twitter.com/7x7x7eth

They were both AMAZING and for those of you that follow through the episode, a hilarious gem awaits you towards the end as Ed had to deal with some irl nonsense, courtesy of his dog.

Thank you for listening. Can't wait to hear your feedback!

Lil Nouns: https://lilnouns.wtf/
Lil Nouns Prop House: https://prop.house/lil-nouns
Lil Funding: https://www.addressform.io/board/689ad3b5-7a88-4ad0-8ba0-4d57703d7636
Lil Nouns Discord: https://discord.com/invite/xjARUcB3tJ

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