Odds and Ends ... and Friends

Bull Run? Killabears? Whaaaa?

February 13, 2023 Classic Craig and Bitfloorsghost
Odds and Ends ... and Friends
Bull Run? Killabears? Whaaaa?
Show Notes

An entirely new type of episodeeeee. Welcome to another groovy edition of Odds and Ends, Trio of Friendship style. Ed, Mark, and Craig dive into some awesome topics including digital identity, what is going on in NFTland lately, Open Editions, Discord flow, and a deep diver on Killabears, a very cool entertainment company that has figured out how to engage their audience, add value, and grow... which is tough to do!

To learn more about Killabears, check out their Twitter: https://twitter.com/killabearsnft

Overall, this episode was super fun and valuable to anyone looking to find out more about the current OE meta, Killabears, and just engage further in web3 and NFT communities.

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