Odds and Ends ... and Friends

Current Events with Hinkie!

February 27, 2023 Classic Craig and Bitfloorsghost
Odds and Ends ... and Friends
Current Events with Hinkie!
Show Notes

In the latest episode of Odds and Ends, Craig, Mark, and Ed sit down with Ed’s great childhood friend and crypto ally, Brendan, aka @Hinkiecrypto, to talk all things going on in the world of crypto. From Blur rewards to Proof of Conference being canceled; from Opensea lowering fees to Manifold enabling the burning of 721s, we run the gamut in this episode. We loved having Hinkie on and are looking forward to doing so much more frequently in the future - enjoy!

If you're looking for the best updates in NFTs, check out Proof of Update: https://bitfloorsghost.substack.com/

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Brendan: https://twitter.com/HinkieCrypto
Ed: https://twitter.com/bitfloorsghost
Mark: https://twitter.com/marrk888
Craig: https://twitter.com/Classic_Craig

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